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Oh, Brother.

Have you ever skipped a step getting ready in the morning? Quickly shoved your feet in your shoes and only partially tied them, just to get out the door a few seconds faster. Only to catch your shoe laces on something and fall flat on your face?

On the rare occasion, when I feel like a kinda big deal, I can count on my brother’s to rein in my inflating sense of self-worth. They always know just what to say, to deflate my swelling head.

It feels just like catching your shoe laces or spur buttons and falling flat on your face. I feel nothing but gratitude for this aspect of their behavior. Now I have no reason not to post these embarrassing photos of them. Ah, I love my brothers.


To be fair, my brothers are also strong, smart, charming, and handy. I have photographic evidence of that as well. I need their humbling influence in my life.




  1. What a blessing to have brothers!

  2. Ahhh. Family. Nothing else like it. Nice!

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