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February Snapshot

February 7, 2014

Snow is falling steadily outside.  Four or five inches of fresh white blankets the landscape out my window.  We haven’t seen this much accumulation all Winter.  The world is so clean and quite, when covered in snow.

It has taken me by surprise.  I had resigned myself to a dry, brown Winter devoid of hope.  My thoughts were looking ahead to Spring, with fingers crossed for rain.  The tiny Oregon Juncos and  White-crowned Sparrows  inhabiting my weedy backyard were frantically gathering seeds this week.  They felt the impending change in weather.  Where are they now?

With my less-than-subtle companions, I stroll through the wintery landscape.  Our presence stirs  up the Robins, Flickers, Quail, Juncos, Sparrows, and chortling  Pheasants from the quiet draw they tucked themselves in the rushes and Russian Olives leading down to the river.






February 10, 2014

The snow is melting quickly.  All of that wonderful water soaking right into the ground.  Cacophonous starlings roosted outside my window this morning.  Yesterday evening, while emptying my compost I saw a large flock of ducks settling on the cornfield.  The siren song of Spring must be in the air.

The brown winter hillsides are peeking through their rapidly dissolving blanket.  The beauty of the white landscape vanishes with the sunlight, the real beauty of the storm is yet to be seen.







  1. Glad you have finally got some precipitation. Hope it keeps falling.

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