Hello Readers!

     My dad never fails to start his letters this way, “How are you?  I am fine.”  I truly hope you are well.  Thank you for joining me on the Sagebrush Sea.   I started blogging after a big move, to keep in touch with my family and friends, my writing and this page have grown from there.

      I am a  fifth-generation rancher, a mom, a wife, a cowgirl, artist, reader, and a writer (who knits). Originally from Montana, I’ve followed my husband and our interest in the Western Lifestyle all over the Mountain West.   I have a B.A .  ( not to be mistaken for being a BA) in Environmental Science from Colorado College, which inspires my attitudes toward the natural world and modern ranching.  My husband Guy and I strive to bring  integrity and sustainability to all our pursuits.  Our family currently practices our stockmanship skills in Wyoming.

     I hope you’ll join us for a taste of our Western experiences.

“She never shook the stars from their appointed courses, but she loved good men and rode good horses.” -Margot Liberty